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Wireless IoT Solutions
Connectivity Platforms

Connectivity Platform

A hardware platform for every use case.

Connectivity from Base to Pro.

Every use case has a different connectivity requirement. This is why we have developed a modular solution for every possible eventuality. With s-Con Base to Pro, energy-efficient transmissions of simple sensor values as well as pre-processing and transmission of multiple data sources via diverse radio technologies can be realized.

And all this extremely cost-effective, incredibly flexible and within a very short time. With our smart antenna concepts and intelligent designs, we develop power-saving platform solutions that deliver unbeatable performance worldwide, while the sensors can be easily connected to all platforms via a unified interface.

s-Con Base

Equip and connect: easy connection of your devices to the Internet of Things via NB-IoT.

s-Con Advanced

Supports all common interfaces for connecting a wide range of sensors.

s-Con Pro

The high-end platform for the most complex use cases, where data is transmitted via NB-IoT and LTE-M.

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