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Wireless IoT Solutions
Asset Tracker

Pretty resourceful.

Tracker that turn every loss into a precious find.

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Efficient and cost-effective localization.

Looking for something has never been fun. Until now, because with our NB-IoT asset tracker we turn every loss into a real precious find, which is just a click away. In real time, the trackers transmit all the important information about the pinpoint location.

Even at rest at pre-defined time intervals or only after a tiny movement. This saves energy and enables the low-cost tracker to have an incredible battery life of up to five years. There is no more efficient and cost-effective way to control the monitoring and tracking of resources.

Locate everywhere

Reliable tracking of the position of goods indoors and outdoors.

Trace everything

Complete position history including time and date filter.

Ready to connect

Connects to any backend using interfaces.

Long battery life

Only active on motion or pre-set times.
Products & Solutions

At a glance

  • Track & trace indoors & outdoors
  • Cost and energy optimized hardware
  • High building penetration
  • Secure data transmission via NB-IoT
  • Direct backend connection via standard interfaces (MQTT or REST API in push or pull mode)
  • Ready to use dashboard
  • DSGVO compliant hosting on EU servers
  • Battery life of up to 5 years
  • Device configuration directly from the backend
  • Push notifications for definable events
  • More cost effective than GSM/GPS based trackers
  • 36 months connectivity or alternative time periods - contact us

Finds anything - indoors and outdoors.

Unlike traditional GPS solutions, the WIS NB-IoT asset tracker can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Positioning is determined via the Google Geolocation API which uses WiFi signals to locate the tracker. The tracker transmits these signals to the WIS backend via NB-IoT. After querying the Geolocation API, the exact position is displayed in the dashboard or transmitted to the customer backend via MQTT.

Products & Solutions
Cable Drum Tracker

Simply practical.

Tracker which accurately determine cable residue and position of a drum.

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