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Cable Drum Tracker

Simply practical.

Tracker which accurately determine cable residue and position of a drum.

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Farewell, blurred lines.

Theft or inefficient inventory management of cable drums usually results in high time and cost losses. The innovative NB-IoT Cable Drum Tracker (CDT), not only tracks the inventory of cable drums, but also the number of meters that are on the drum. It precisely detects every spool rotation, no matter how small, and transmits it to the CDT Cloud.

The tracker thus helps to avoid losses and bring more transparency to previously non-transparent logistics processes. NB-IoT guarantees a high range as well as an incomparable building penetration - meaning indoor as well as outdoor positions can be tracked crystal clear via Bluetooth or the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

The CDT saves time, costs and lengthy searches, while enabling effective material management through automatic reordering.

Transparent stock

Remaining cable length can be tracked in real time, which in turn contributes to optimized inventory management.

Avoid loss

Indoor-outdoor location tracking via Bluetooth or the Global Navigation Satellite System.

Track everywhere

Extremely high range and reliable building penetration due to NB-IoT technology.

Optimized battery life

The CDT operates mostly in sleep mode until it senses motion.

Products & Solutions

At a glance

  • Availability of the remaining cable length
  • Optimization of inventory
  • Energy optimized hardware
  • Secure data transmission via NB-IoT
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Outdoor & indoor tracking (GNSS & BLE)
  • Position & remaining cable length available in CDT dashboard
  • Easy connectivity via REST API possible
  • Optimized for maximum battery life
  • Increased control & theft prevention through tracking
  • Time & cost savings through optimized planning ability

Allowing logistics to have more in stock.

The CDT shifts your inventory management into a new age of efficiency. It not only prevents theft, but also optimizes your stocking and warehouse planning. This saves you time, costs and space.

The Cable Drum Tracker is mounted on the outer edge of the spool. From there, it measures the rotational speed of the cable drum via gyroscope while calculating the resulting rotation of the spool.

The CDT periodically determines its outdoor position via GNSS, and transmits the data to the CDT backend via NB-IoT and NB-IoT Relay Service (NRS). The algorithm implemented there determines the remaining cable length based on various parameters, such as the number of turns made, cable drum diameter, and cable type, which is then displayed in the dashboard.

Products & Solutions
Unattended Delivery Solution

The all-round carefree package.

Receive deliveries at any time, safely and unattended.

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