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Wireless IoT Solutions
NB-IoT Relay Service

Combines the best of both worlds.

Bridging the gap from the Internet of Things to the Internet of Systems.

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There's no miss with WIS.

Exploit the full potential of your IoT case - with the most efficient solutions of their kind, ensuring both long battery life and lean communication protocols with low overhead. The big plus: the NRS allows you to flexibly connect IIoT devices to your cloud platform via secure transmission paths with low communication overhead and battery optimization.

Via scaling internet protocols such as MQTT, all data is transferred seamlessly and efficiently to your cloud. And all this without compromises on the server side. Simply connect your systems or the IoT of your choice via scalable internet protocols such as MQTT and hereby unite the best of two worlds.

Translator to the internet

Translates between sensor and internet protocols - enabling device-side use of lean IoT protocols and long battery runtimes.

Connect securely

Tunnels LTE encrypted device messages through a dedicated IP address space to our German servers and from there to your backend via MQTT.

Never oversleep

Stores messages to devices in sleep mode in the message queue and delivers them as soon as the device wakes up from its standby mode.

Manage easily

The frontend enables smooth device and user management including a REST API to manage everything on the go.
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At a glance

  • Translates between sensor and internet protocols, reducing device-side protocol overhead
  • Easy and flexible connection of IoT devices to various IoT platforms or proprietary backends via MQTT
  • REST API for device and user management
  • Message queue for IoT devices in sleep mode
  • DSGVO compliant hosting on European servers
  • Carrier-independent, secure data transmission via LTE-based encryption and private IP address space
  • Web interface with dashboards, device and user management and multi-tenancy
  • Hosting on-premise possible

End-to-end connectivity from server to cloud

The NB-IoT Relay Service securely transfers data from the device to the cloud.

Messages are transmitted LTE-encrypted from the end device to the operator network and from there to the relay service via a private, externally inaccessible IP address space. The relay service then forwards the data via MQTT to a platform of your choice.

Products & Solutions
Asset Tracker

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Tracker that turn every loss into a precious find.

Reading time: 3 minutes
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